A new job! And so much more.

This is an overdue thank you – to God and to the people who sustained me through my job search. I started a new job in July! It is a great job at Rutgers University – Newark, one that is allowing me to use my experience, skills, and dedication to increase student success. My family, friends, and local church community were with me in the ups and downs of the months I was out of work. Colleagues recent and those from years past stayed in touch and suggested leads. Church communities as far away as Florida, North Carolina, and Ontario were praying for me too. What a blessing it has been to know that I was not alone in my journey.

In the meantime I got married, my husband moved from 400 miles away to live with me in New Jersey, he started a new job, and two of our kids graduated from college. What a whirlwind it has been, and in some ways it was nice not to be working during that time. There was a lot of packing, moving, and driving to be done! To help manage my stress, Luna (my dog) and I walked for miles and miles, I sang with my church choir, I talked to many friends and cried on some shoulders, and I prayed. I was offered the opportunity to write a series of devotions for These Days: Daily Devotions for Living by Faith, published by the Presbyterian Publishing Corporation, and I welcome those readers to my blog!

I am so grateful for the many blessings my family and I have, for the generosity in spirit of others who share their journeys through their writing and songs, and for a reformed protestant Christian faith that is grounded in love to all, forgiveness, and grace.

“Oh give thanks to the Lord for the Lord is good! God’s steadfast love endures forever.” Amen.