Prayers for people, pets and property

Prayers for people, pets and property

As Hurricane Sandy churns its way north through the Atlantic Ocean heading toward the New Jersey coast, I am in a hotel in Indiana getting ready to participate in an assessment conference. Some people may prefer to be in the middle of a hurricane than in workshops about assessing student learning, but I am looking forward to the professional development.

Keeping my mind on assessing student learning will mean that  I have to put aside my fears and worries about how my loved ones will weather the impending storm, how much water will be in my basement, and when I actually will get a flight home.  So I turn to God and admit my fears, which is a scary thing to do because it allows me to truly feel the impact of those fears and it reminds me of how helpless I am to control what will happen with the hurricane. I know that it will happen and that it will be big, but I know that God will be with us all during and after the storm, and that God is much bigger than Sandy.

I will let go of my fears for now and hold on to the promise of the rainbow. And when my fears return, as they undoubtably will, I will turn again to prayer and the assuracne that God is with us always.

God of power and love, keep my family and friends safe, watch over our pets and all your creatures, and keeps our homes, schools and businesses safe as well. Amen.